coffee testing

Coffee beans for sale present themselves in a wide variety of flavors. There are said to be more than eight hundred different flavor descriptions of coffee beans. So you may be wondering, how do they get these flavor descriptions. Basically, coffee manufacturers have professional coffee “testers,” who taste ground coffee beans that are stirred in hot water, allowing for the coffee beans to have veritable flavors described by the tester.
There is an art that is involved in this unconventional work task. First, a coffee tester pours the hot water over the grounds and as a result, the grainy coffee grounds float to the top of the cup, which are called, ” the crust.” Then, the coffee tester breaks the crust, smells, sips the coffee, and then spits it back out. I can’t help but wonder what a coffee testers flavor palate is like, after putting so much bitter coffee in their mouth. Ultimately, the testing enables for coffee manufacturers to come up with what coffee recipes will suit menus in which their coffee beverages will be sold. As I’ve stated before, it’s often said that coffee beans grown in different areas among the coffee belt provide different flavors. Contrary to popular belief, the process of coffee testing isn’t yet obsolete. It is still a job done today, even by your favorite cafes. Brands and 90 Varieties of Coffee Delivered to Your Doorstep. Click here!

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