starbucks opens in india

Recently, Starbucks opened up their first cafe in Mumbai, India. Coffee may not be as popular in India as tea; however, there were rumors that Starbucks would begin to capitalize off of India’s coffee productions. A present day clarification has now revealed that the beverages that the Mumbai Starbucks provides is grown from Indian soil. Indian cultivated coffee provides different flavors than what most American coffee which is mostly popularized for Columbian and Kona. Also, due to the possible low demand in coffee, Starbucks has priced their beverages for much cheaper than they do in other countries. Like many, I didn’t realize that Starbucks wasn’t so popular in middle eastern countries considering that coffee in general is.
This is clearly due to economical and cultural differences that any practical business would reject; however, it’s surprising that India wasn’t already on the Starbucks roster because they have more relationships with the United States. All we can say is, “It’s about time.” It’s always good when Starbucks expands because when some people go on business endeavors to other countries and find no Starbucks, it’s a bit of a disappointment. Additionally, it appears as though the local Indian people are just as excited about it as travelers. Brands and 90 Varieties of Coffee Delivered to Your Doorstep. Click here!

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